“Enclavia” is a joint venture of three different painters sharing a common denominator in their mastery of technique. Focused on the results of their processes, painted compositions are challenging platforms of perceptual diving into conditions of our world. Their diverse approaches heralds inside a technological era of screen opportunities, beliefs and illusions. Vladislav Scepanovic, Milena Dragicevic and Dragan Zdravkovic are each on one’s own, making a rich inventory of their attitudes and self-awareness of created imagery. The title ‘Enclavia’ derives from a title of adiminished Soth Slavic country and a notion of the name inscribed in art deco font in the early ‘30s still above the gates to the Pavilion. The experience of the world features the shattered dubious way of hierarchies, memory sensations, as well as the raising question of environmental, political and ethical pollution as well as the mere proofs of vital energy. To join VIVA ARTE VIVA concept at 57th Bienniel of Venice, their works were particularly indicative to a vast global examinations of our understanding as well as of transnational changes and alarming existential issues.

Nikola Šuica