From Art Theory

Art as disharmony in the world of spectacle

Abstract: This essay deals with the issue of use and misuse of Art in the Society of Spectacle. If we accept the notion that we are living in a simulated world, engulfed in the “terror” of media representations, where social relations are defined by those representations, it is inevitable to question role of Art and its place in such a society. On the one hand, the ruling system uses the artistic creativity of an artist-techician, who through the use of editing, propaganda and various forms of design (industrial, graphic, web, etc.) promotes dominant values and further enhances hegemony. On the other hand, Art, as we see it, should be juxtaposed to the doxa and through critique, irony, subversion and paradox claim itself as a space for free expresion of citizens and the society as a whole.

Key words: art, spectacle, manipulation, propaganda, paradox, aura, paintings media.

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